• Kundalini Yoga and gong healing

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    Kundalini Yoga and Gong Healing

    Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology that raises our awareness and can be very transformational. Each class is different and uses a sequence of breathing, movement, meditation and mantra to bring on a specific outcome. For example there are sets for anxiety, joy, insomnia and many many more.


    The gong is an amazing sound healing instrument that is incorporated into my Kundalini classes to bring on a deep and healing meditation.


    I run workshops on a regular basis - see events section


    In addition to group classes and workshops I also run 121 Kundalini sessions and gong healing with individuals - so we can make the work we do bespoke to them. This can be done alongside coaching or as a standalone practice. You can also hire me to attend your event. Contact me for more information.


    I know it's important to have an element of selfless service in your life, so I am a teacher for the Guru Ram Das Project. This is a wonderful charity that takes the teachings into the community to those in need to support their mental, physical and spiritual Wellbeing.





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