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    Here are just a few of bits of client feedback I have. Let me know if you would like to see more...

    Corporate Wellbeing Client


    Thrive at Dunnhumby (HR Director)


    dunnhumby were delighted to welcome Rosie & Corinne to host two relaxing meditation sessions for our people, as part of the dh Thrive initiative to support employee mental health and emotional wellbeing.

    The sessions were hugely popular and we loved hearing about Rosie and Corinne’s personal journeys, as well as the interesting history and facts behind specialist breathing techniques for different situations. The practical meditation in each session was easy to follow and facilitated very professionally.


    Coaching Client


    Katherine Mackay Marketing Manager Karma Cola


    I was managing a particularly difficult change in my career. A change that I didn’t realise would be as challenging as it actually was. I also have a dream of starting my own business. There was a bit going on, so it seemed a natural time to see a life coach.


    Selecting Corinne as a life coach was an excellent decision. She is easy going and very easy to talk to. We used tools to help unearth things that I had not thought about and prodded at my fears. She guided me to think differently, to be diligent and to set some small yet actionable goals that would lead to impactful changes in my life.


    Corinne has opened my mind to whole new world of possibility. It is now time to move forward with a new outlook and refreshed confidence. Exactly what I needed. Thank you Corinne!

    Coaching Client


    Gaynor - Freelancer, Charity sector


    When I started with Corinne I was feeling quite lost but she gently supported me through some major changes including changing job and moving house. Her support at these times of transition was invaluable and made a big difference to me, affording me space to think and feel and well and stability and structure. She really listened and was able to ask questions that got to the core of the issues I was facing. I appreciated her friendly approach and I liked the creative activities she brought into sessions. She also sign posted me to books that would support my growth and understanding. To have a life coach who was also a Kundalini teacher meant she was able to offer mantras and kriyas to address what needed changing on a spiritual level. As someone who believe the mind and body are connected, I welcomed the fact that my life coach could work with me holistically and found the experience transformative.

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